Sunday, June 03, 2007

Memorial Day Fun!!

For Memorial Day we had such a fun time! To start it off, Brandon and I went with my sister and dad to go and see Pirates of the Carribean: At the World's End. It was really good! For those of you who go make sure that you pay close attention (sometimes it can be hard to follow) and stay after the LONG credits for an extra clip!

After the movie, we went to my aunt Karen's place and swam at her pool. We had a blast! It was the babies' first time going swimming. At first they seemed to be a little nervous; especially Emily. However, once they got in the water they seemed to really enjoy it. Ben just kicked and kicked the whole time and Emily seemed content to sit there. Of course Hyrum had a marvelous time. How could he not, he had his "PaPa" there to play with.
Sorry the pictures aren't the best we were in an inside pool. Also, the babies were so fascinated with the water they would barely look up.

Next, we went over to my aunt Lana's house and had a BBQ; the food was fantastic! Hyrum loved playing with all the kids and the babies were enjoying being held.

Last, our good friends the Ames came over for awhile and we had fun talking with them.

Overall, it was a wonderful, busy and exciting day!

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