Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soccer Time

The fall soccer season has officially begun. The boys had their first practice two days ago on Tuesday. This year Ben just barely made the cut off to play. He has been so excited to play soccer this year with Hyrum. Hyrum is also really excited for Ben to be on his team with him. They were so excited to go to practice. Ben has been practicing the team cheer, "Go Flyers" whenever he hears someone talking about soccer. Their team is called The Flyers since they run so fast. Ben has also been practicing kicking his soccer ball around the house.

At practice both boys did really well. They did a great job following directions from Coach Nick (who is a fabulous coach)Hyrum scored a two goals in the scrimmage. The picture below is of Hyrum scoring a goal.
He was so proud of himself.

Ben also did really well and almost scored a goal. I was so proud of Ben, being one of the smallest on the team, he fell down a couple times, but he picked himself right up and went to get back in the game.

What did the princess do during the practice?She got to bring her backpack with toys inside and a little chair for her to sit in ( I got the chair for $2 at a yard sale). She was quite content to watch her boys as she calls them and have some treats. I think we will let her play next season. I didn't want to sign her up because I was worried that she would get pushed around a little bit and have a hard time.

The boys had a great time at practice and were in heaven. Our first game is this Saturday. Go Flyers!


The Bailey's said...

So funny that you wrote that comment on my blog because I was in the middle of posting....haha. Anyways I love the pictures and was so proud of Hyrum...Also Ben he was AWESOME too! I was a little nervous to watch the video...I was afraid I would be the annoying mom yelling in the background, I was glad I could really only hear you...and ok Macie cute! Anyways warn me next time that you are going to video so I can zip it!

Brian, Emily, & Charlie said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I am in love with your family. Its really bad. We miss you all so much -- can we come to the game on Saturday? We'll totally make ourselves Flyers t-shirts:) When will Brandon start getting his doctor salary so he can fly us out there? Tell him we're waiting and we're starting to get a little impatient...;) Love you guys SO much!

Ashlee said...

You have the sweetest kids! That is awesome that Ben gets to be with Hyrum for Soccer! I Love the pictures you took of the boys sitting on the soccer balls. Emmy is a great cheerleader I bet!