Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday- Feb. 2009

I found a paper the other day when I was cleaning with a list of things about Ben. I wrote "Feb. Night" on the paper. I will assume that I meant February 2009. If I remember correctly, that would be about the time I wrote the list about Ben.

On the list were

Loves to brush his teeth-He loved playing with toothbrushes then and still doesn't put up too much of a fuss when I try to brush his teeth. He really enjoyed it when I would sing the ABCs as I brushed his teeth.

Loves to pray-Every time it was prayer time he would raise his little arm and say "me!" He wanted to be the one to pray every time a prayer was said. So cute! The other kids soon caught on. Now, each time we pray we have to talk about who's turn it is because all three want to pray. I am trying to enjoy this while it lasts because I am sure when the kids are teenagers, they might not feel the same way.

Loves to be with Hyrum- Ever since we have switched rooms, Ben and Hyrum have gotten along so much better. Ben loved to do (and still does) anything that Hyrum did. He wanted/wants to be right by his side. They love to play cars, soccer, be silly and wrestle. The list could go on and on.

Loves to read Scriptures- Back in February, we would read scriptures and he would pick one word out of each sentence and get a very serious look on his face and repeat the word back to me. It was so cute.

I love Mr. Ben's big brown eyes with the long lashes. Picture taken by Hyrum Feb. 2009 He is such an adorable sweet little boy who I love so much. I can't believe that he will soon be three!

By the way, something he has loved for the longest time(probably since he was able to say a few words) is talking to his papa on the phone. He loves papa Van! Picture taken Feb. 2009


The Bailey's said...

that was so cute! he is such a fun kid. I love how much him and Emmie love each other when they are together. He will always watch out for her I cute!

emily said...

he is a cute little guy.... you're good to keep lists about them!