Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prostate Cancer 5K

This last Saturday I did another 5K with a couple of girls from my ward. This 5K was in support of Prostate Cancer research. I was a little nervous for this 5K since I have been so busy with other things lately. I really didn't prepare for the race as well as I would have liked. However, the goal I set was to finish the race in under 30 minutes. If I finished the race under 30 minutes, my mom would buy me a sweater that I want from Target. Nothing like a little motivation!

The race was an easy course with only a few hills that were smaller than the last race I ran. It was actually the same route I did my first 5K on. However, this race didn't finish with a HUGE hill at the end like my first 5K did.

While I was running the race I kept feeling discouraged because I felt like I was going so slow, that the race would end up being a waste of money,etc. Many negative thoughts were flowing through my mind. However, when I got close enough to see the clock I soon came to realize that I wasn't going slow at all, but in fact was going faster than I have in the past. I came in with a time of 30:54. A personal best! I didn't meet my goal, but I did about 4 minutes better than my last race and about 30 seconds better than my personal best time before the race.

It was fun to have the husbands come and support everyone. Megan's husband, Jeff, was able to snap a picture of me as I was getting ready to cross the finish line. It is blurry because I am running so fast!

The picture below is of me and my friends who ran the race.Rachelle, Me, Megan

Dad, the girl on the left is the one who I thought went shopping to get her cool workout clothes! Both of the girls did fantastic! Megan even placed third in her age group.

I loved the fact that this race was very family friendly. They had a jump house for the kids to play in, people to paint the kids' faces; the kids were in heaven! They also had a great food! Corky's, a great BBQ restaurant here in Memphis, provided the food for after the race.

I am looking forward to the Breast Cancer race on Halloween and maybe Brandon's school's 5K.


mamasteph said...

You are awesome! My father-in-law was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, so I'm always glad to see fundraisers being done for this kind of thing! Keep up the good work!

emily said...

so... did you get the sweater??? (maybe i missed it or something...)
and i love your pose at the end! classic!!!

Brandon and Natalie said...

Emily, now word on the sweater yet. My sister is trying to sweet talk my mom into it!