Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First day of Preschool!

Today was Hyrum's first day of preschool for the new school year. He has been eagerly anticipating this day and has asked me multiple times over the summer if it was time for school to start yet. Last night was the open house for his preschool. Hyrum was very excited to go and see Miss Tami's new house and his new school room. This morning he told me that he thought school would be great because he had such a wonderful time with all of his friends at the open house.

Last night after family scriptures and prayer while he was giving Emmy a hug and kiss goodnight he told her that he would miss her very much while he was at school. It was so cute!

Hyrum was so excited to go to school this morning. He helped me pick out his outfit for the day the night before and we had it all ready to go in the morning. Hyrum looked so cute this morning. He is still using his broken, but well loved McQueen backpack.Ben and Emmy thought they were going to school this morning. They wanted their picture taken too.They were so disappointed to find out that they wouldn't be going quite yet to Ms. Tami's ( I am doing a playschool with them with some ladies in my ward); especially Ben.

Hyrum, of course had to climb the tree since he was outside.Ms. Tami met him as he came to school. Hyrum made a little note for Ms. Tami. Hyrum told grandma the other day that Ms. Tami is beautiful and that he loves her.Hyrum was excited to go right on in and start playing with his toys with his friends. Hyrum had a great day and loved being at school. Hyrum is such a smart boy with so much curiousity about the world and how things work. He is a very intuned to others and how they feel. He is doing such a great job with his reading. I can't wait to see all the many things he will do and accomplish in his life and with the talents he has been given by a loving Heavenly Father. I did not cry this year when he started back to school. I think it is because we have already taken this preschool step. I am sure next year the water works will flow. I love my Handsome Hyrum so much.


salem said...

Highfive, Hyrum! You look mucho handsome.

Gurr Family said...

That is exciting, preschool. He does look very cute getting ready to go.

The Bailey's said...

So cute! Like I always said Hyrum is such a good kid. But Now that I am in nursery with Emily and Ben...they are dang good kids too. You got the luck girl....I am sure you and brandon just really are great parents.

Steph said...

That's so great! I still remember starting kindergarten. I'm sure he'll remember his great teacher forever!