Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three for Three!

Last Sunday, Hyrum was running to go put something away and he tripped and fell. He hit his head smack dab on a corner of a wall. Within a matter of seconds, he had a big goose egg on his head the size of a golf ball with a good size gash in it.

After sitting with Brandon for awhile, he was much better. While Hyrum was sitting with Brandon, he allowed Brandon to put a bag on ice on the big owie to bring down the swelling. The swelling did go down, but there was still a nasty bruise.

Now our family is three for three, all of my kids recently have had a pretty big owie experience. Hopefully we won't have any more "experiences" any time soon.

Also, this picture were taken with a disposable camera and the results didn't end up very good. This picture were taken three days after he hit his head. Even now, he has a green/grayish bruise on his head.


Jackie said...

Goodness gracious! You guys have really have your fill of BIG boo boos. I'm so sorry! I hope you are done for a LONG time. Merry Christmas!

Seth and Angie said...

Poor Hyrum! Dang, Natalie, you need a break! That's so sad. Hopefully there will be no mishaps over Christmas. Have a fun and SAFE trip!

gardeniagirl said...

Thanks for the banner clues, Natalie. We'll see if I get ambitious enough to fix it. I know there's a free version of Photoshop online, without all the bells and whistles of the one you purchase. Maybe after the holidays I'll give it a go.