Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashback Friday!- Bath Time December 2006

It is a tradition in my family that our first baths, after we are born, (besides the one at the hospital) are given to us by my grandma (on my father's side). If I remember correctly, her mother, my great-grandmother, did the same thing.

Ben and Emmy had a unique situation, since they spent their first month of life in the hospital. On December 15, 2006 we set-up an appointment with grandma for the kids to have their special bath. Of course, we were running late, so grandma didn't have as much time as she would have liked.

She bathes them in the sink in the bathroom. She gets the water just right, places the soaps and in easy reach. She takes time to coo and "talk" to the babies as she gets them ready and calm for their bath. Even with all of grandma's hard work to calm them, they still were a little fussy. Ben was bathed first and then taken to grandpa to be held while Emmy had her turn.

After the bath, each received lotion and baby powder. Then it is the favorite part, snuggling with a sweet clean smelling baby. However, this time was pretty special since their were two babies to love and give kisses and hugs to.


mamasteph said...

So precious! Where does the time go?!

Jeannette said...

what cute little newborns! I can't imagine taking care of two little ones at once. I admire moms of twins!

Bonnie said...

That is such a sweet tradition! Your little babies are so precious!

meg said...

what a beautiful tradition. thank you for sharing that.