Friday, December 05, 2008

Mr. Ben

I just love my "Ben Boo" (That is what Emmy calls him).

These top pictures were taken on Thanksgiving of this year. Ben was getting ready to take his nap. When I told Ben it was time for nap time, he ran to his room ahead of me. He was preparing his crib for nap time. He had all the basics covered, books, sippy cups, stacking cups (which he has loved since he was around nine months), cars, trains etc.

Usually he fights me as I am laying him down for a nap ( he still needs one, but he would rather stay up and play and play) but as I put him down for his nap he did not. He was quite disappointed when I started taking his stash of entertainment out.

Also, we have this pink chair in our house that was given to us by my parents a few years ago. I grew up with this chair. This is the chair that was mine when we laid out our stockings for Santa each Christmas.

Anyways, this is also the chair that my kids go and hide behind when they are doing something they don't want me to see them doing. For example, eating a treat without asking, playing with something they aren't supposed to play etc. you would find them behind the pink chair. If I can't find my kids it is a good guess that they are behind the chair.

It was so funny to see Ben behind the chair the other day with a pile of cute! He is my book lover. He would be content all day to read books. I guess he wanted some peace and quiet.


Jill Revell said...

That is so cute that he hid to read his books!

mamasteph said...

He'll make an excellent boyscout! It looks like he is already always prepared! :)

lcdiaz said...

He is too cute! I love that he is getting his crib ready :) What a funny boy

Carl and Starla said...

He seriously is a cutie. Any more haircuts going on at your house?

April said...

How adorable! If that keeps him quite in bed, more power to him.