Monday, September 08, 2008

Delta Fair!

On Labor Day we went to a local fair called the Delta Fair. We had a great time!

When we first got there, we stopped to look at all the baby animals. The boys really liked looking at the animals up close with daddy.Emmy, along with myself, kept our distance and watched from the side. The baby animals were very cute. Ben was excited to see the horse up close. Hyrum was full of energy running from one animal to the next.After we looked at the at the baby animals, we went to find the children's rides. Once we realized that babies' were too small to ride any of the rides and that Hyrum was tall enough to ride most of the rides by himself (one of the blessings of having a very, very tall 3 year old) we decided to buy a stamp pass for Hyrum for the day. We decided that the stamp pass was a perfect idea since the tickets to ride the rides were a dollar a piece and most of the rides were at least three tickets (three dollars) with some of the rides costing as much as five tickets. The stamp allowed Hyrum to go on any ride as many times as he wanted for the whole day.

Hyrum was in heaven! The very first ride that he rode was a pumpkin ride. There were about six different pumpkins that would move around in a circle with some of the pumpkins up in the air for part of the time. Hyrum was smiling the whole time.
The next ride Hyrum went on was his favorite, it was a race car ride. He thought the ride was fantastic. He rode this ride at least seven times, five of the times being back to back. Hyrum was really wanting to ride in the green car. He kept going through the line again and again to get the green car. His fascination with the green car is probably because the green car reminds him of Chick Hick on the movie Cars.

When we told him that the next time was his last time riding the race car ride he was determined to get the green car. The last time on the ride, he decided he would get the green car no matter what. A little girl got in the car before him, but he decided that he would just climb in with her and share the car. That upset the little girl, but the little girl was wiling to go to a different car so Hyrum could have the green one.While Hyrum was trying to get in the green car, Brandon took Ben and Emily to see the grown animals. Brandon said that Emmy was scared and Ben was a little nervous, but enjoyed seeing the animals.

Hyrum went on some other fun rides. Below are some of the rides he went on. He went on a train ride, a ship that would fly like on Peter Pan and a ropes course. This was similar to a large ropes course.
The kids had to crawl thought tight spaces,
climb up rope stairs, go down a slide. Hyrum loved this one.

We were just about ready to go when we ran into some friends from the ward. Hyrum was in heaven to play with his Boo. This ride would take the kids up high and bump them up and down like a frog. This ride was a giant pirates ship that would swing back and forth.
All the kids on the back row are friends from our ward.

The kids went from ride to ride and had so much fun. I thought Hyrum would be nervous on some of the rides, but he showed no sign of fear.

Ben and Emily did really well sitting in the stroller. I think they were fascinated by all the sounds and sights.After we went on a few rides with our friends from our ward we decided it was time to go. On our way out, we stopped and let Hyrum go on a few more rides. Hyrum was dying to go on this caterpillar roller coaster. We thought he wouldn't be tall enough, but he was and he loved the ride. The ride below is similar to the Teacup ride at Disneyland.
Brandon and I were disappointed that the man in Hyrum's monkey
talked on his phone instead of spinning the monkey.The only downer of the day was that everyone got sunburned; especially Ben. I did put sunscreen on him, but it must not have worked very well.

Hyrum was in heaven and had the time of his life. He had a smile on his face the whole time. He kept asking us when we were leaving if he could come back to the fair. He also asked me the next day if he could come back to the fair. We told him we might come back, but when he fell asleep at 6:30 we decided that we would let him sleep. We had so much fun, it was the perfect way to end the summer.


Brian and Melissa Finley said...

So fun! Man, we should have gone:)

meg said...

we love the fair! it looks like there were so many great rides. nice stroller too--glad the kids like it.

mamasteph said...

Wasn't it fun? I love all of the sights, smells and sounds you associate with the fair!

lcdiaz said...

That looked like it was so much FUN!! How cool. I'm glad that "Hyroom" went on the rides and had fun. Your kids are so cute!!