Monday, September 29, 2008

Trip to the Library

Earlier this month Hyrum asked me one day if we could go to the library and get some books. much convincing since I myself am a lover of books and hope to instill a love for learning in my children.

Our trip to the library wasn't our first one. The kids did pretty well. Hyrum was so cute, he wanted to make sure that not only he got some books, but that Ben and Emmy got some too. Hyrum also behaves really well in the library. He walks, whispers and doesn't touch the beautiful statues they have in the library (any more). He loves getting a big pile of books and sit down at the little table to read them.

I kept Ben and Emmy in their stroller. They are content for awhile to look at the new books we plan on checking out, but after awhile they would rather get out and explore the other books on the shelves. Hyrum and I have to pick our selection of books quickly. As we left the library, I took some pictures.
Last Friday, we took our books back to the library to get some new one. Ben was just devastated when we were putting the books down the shoot to return them. He was soon satisfied when I found him a cute board book on trains. Emily loves books with babies in them or animals. Hyrum and I found some fun Halloween books we can't wait to read. Also, there is this really cute book that I feel in love with during my children's literature class in college. The book is called Tops and Bottoms. Hyrum and I chuckled through the whole book. I think most of the time he was chuckling because I was.

The kids once again did really well at the library. The only time when they put up a fuss is when they wanted a new book to look at or we had to hand their books to the librarian to checkout.

As we were leaving, Hyrum wanted to get his picture taken again, but I didn't have my camera. I am so happy that we have a library close by, with good books for my children and I to enjoy!


Rebecca said...

Cute pics! He seems to love the camera!

Ashlee said...

I have been trying to go to the library for a week now and you have inspired me to make tomorrow the day that I actually go. Sometimes it is a lot of work to get out of the house but heck if you can do it so can I:) I lvoe your kids. So cute!

Willow Withy said...

I love library trips! I also love that your kids love library much to absorb! (I think you asked me if I had a blog- I finally have committed myself, you can check it out if you want.)