Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Look mom! It's pooh!"

Brandon and I still attend a married student ward where Hyrum is the only child in the ward who is over the age of one. Anyways, I brought some dried fruit for him for a snack to have during Sacrament metting. He took one look at it and instantly said very loud, "Look mom, it's pooh!" Then he took a bite of the fruit and said, "mmm, good!" It was really funny! Everyone who were sitting by us were laughing out of control. I must say he is constantly making me laugh by the amusing and charming things he says.

Hyrum in his new Zebra sunglasses-he loves them!


minerva said...

I love kids and the crazy things they say! JuJu has said any number of funny/embarassing things in public over the years... The zebra glasses are very cool--what kid wouldn't love them?

Jack and Bernice said...

That was pretty funny on Sunday...woke us all up by giving us a good laugh in the middle of sacrament. ;o)

John and Amy said...

That is so cute! One time I took Gwen potty during sacrament, and as we walked back in she shouted at the top of her lungs, "Daddy, I went pee pee on da potty!!!"