Saturday, May 05, 2007

The ExerSaucer's Madien Voage!

On my birthday (April 11) I decided that it was time to wip out the exersaucer for some new entertainment for Ben and Emily. When we first got it out I started to clean and sanitize it. I used some of those colorox wipes. Since I was cleaning it, of course Hyrum had to help. He took his job very seriously.

The babies seemed fasinated by it. I think they are still a little small to fully sit-up and reach the toys and fully enjoy it. However, Hyrum helped them out showing them what everything can do. The babies enjoyed the exersaucer for a little bit, but after awhile they wanted out!


Minerva said...

I LOVE the exersaucer. My SIL actually had two for her twins (She borrowed mine, so each boy could have one) Your babies sure are getting big. How are you feeling?

Jill said...

Excersaucers are the greatest! Kate doesn't love it like Cambri did, but it still buys me about 10-15 minutes sometimes. Ben and Emily are getting so huge! I love the cheeks!