Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hyrum loves...

Hyrum is such a fun boy to have. I decided to name off some of the things that he loves (in no patricular order). Some of the pictures are old, but I couldn't resist.

1. He loves water. He loves taking baths; espescially since we have Nemo and Thomas the Train bubbles. He will sit in the tub and play and play with his bath toys.
It was the elephants turn to have a picture taken.
2. He loves his "Papa" in other words, his grandpa. He loves to wrestle with him and play with him. Any time there is a noise at the door we have to open it up and see if his Papa is there. He also loves his grandma as well and loves when she comes to visit.

3. He loves to be outside and play. He really enjoys going down the slide and playing with the sand.
4. He loves to color. He is quite the artist. He also enjoys painting and even decided to taste it the last time...yuk!
5. He loves his friends Brian and Emily. He thinks they are the best! They did the cutest post about him on their blog about him wearing their sunglasses. You can find it here.

6. He loves to read books especially at bed time with momma.
7. He loves to play with his friend Lyman. They are best friends! They love to ride bikes together and race the toy trucks around the play yard.

8. Hyrum loves trucks, buses, cars etc.! He loves watching the garbage truck when it comes to pick up are trash. Any time a vehicle passes by he stops what he is doing to watch it until it disappears from sight.

9. Hyrum loves to sing and dance. He loves singing Wheels on the Bus and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. Also, anytime there is music on he is always telling his momma to dance. He is such a cute little dancer. He also loves to run and runs everywhere

10. He loves Ben and Emily! He is such a great big brother and tries to help mom take really good care of them.
11. Hyrum loves Uncle Sean and Aunt Camille or Millie in Hyrum's words. He loves playing with them and when they come to visit.

12. Hyrum loves his Aunt Lorri, Uncle Dwight, Carson, Hannah and Natalie. He is always asking for them to come and play with him. He is lucky to have such great cousins as well as an Aunt and Uncle who love him so much!

13. Hyrum loves his daddy! They love to wrestle and play together with the toys!
Right before they went sledding

We are lucky to have such a great boy in our life. He is my sweetheart and I love him so much!


laura said...

What a great idea for a post. Cute pictures.

John and Amy said...

I love it! So many cute pictures! Isn't it nice that our kids have so many people who love them. What a great blessing...

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!!
I like the one where everyone is tackling my mom!
-Carson B.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!!
I like the one where everyone is tackling my mom!
-Carson B.