Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Snow Day Excitment!

Who would have thought that after two weeks of gorgeous weather we would have a crazy winter storm. Instead of going outside today Hyrum and I made chocolate chip cookies and had a blast! He loved it! He helped me measure the ingredients, pour them in the bowl and mix them together. He also helped with putting the dough on the cookie sheets for baking (don't worry, we used hand sanitizer to make sure his hands were nice and clean during the procedure). We had so much fun!

Below are some recent pictures of the babies. They are growing up so fast. They have the cutest little giggles and love to be held and loved. They have been grabing at toys and love to watch Hyrum as he runs around. I am so lucky to have three great kids in my life.

I think this picture is adorable! I should have rotated it, sorry.

It is little Emi hanging on to Ben.


What a cute family. said...

Cuties! By the way, when you bake the cookies, any possible germs get killed off. Just make sure they don't sneeze on them afterward! :) Bev loves to "hep" in the kitchen, but mostly so that she can snag a taste of whatever is going into the bowl.

Mosley Fam said...

Your kids are beautiful!