Saturday, August 02, 2008

We moved again

We moved again. This is move number six for us in the short five years that we have been married. However, we deemed it a necessary move. The people next to us smoke and the the smoke was coming into our house. Please let me know if you need our contact information. I sent an email, but wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anyone.

I am so far behind in our blog. I haven't posted about the fun we had on our long vacation or about our 5 year wedding anniversary. There is much more to come, but not until we get the internet running in our house.


jjohnson said...

Is that still in the ward? I'm glad you got to move...hopefully no stairs?

Mandy said...

Oh, moving is a pain..but I am glad that you found a place that will be better for you's the same ward, right? Good luck with the move!

Bonnie said...

You sound like us, we just can't seem to stop moving! Well, I hope you like your new place. Good luck getting settled!

Carl and Starla said...

Your blog is so cute, Natalie. We've moved quite a bit as well. I know how annoying it is, even if you are just going around the corner!

The P*dunc's said...

Yep, I hate smok, too! I am so worried that the empty house next to us will be bought by smokers. Nothing against the people, just the habit! Hope you're move went well.

You new blog design looks cute!

Melanie said...


Are you still in the general area?

We also just recently moved! We bought a house out here. We moved on Saturday, and we are loving it. We closed on it on our 5th anniversary on Thursday. Fun fun. The funny thing is that we moved for a similar reason. We have had problems with our neighbors beneath us smoking for over a year. It has come in our apartment, and made my hyperemesis so much worse. It's a long story everything we've done to get away with it, but it finally pushed us to move. (That, and outgrowing our apartment.) Good to hear from you!