Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun in Texas

I have major catching up to do. I have been so behind in my blogging since we went on our vacation for a month. Not to mention moving shortly afterwards. We recently had our internet set up so hopefully I will be more consistent in my blogging.

On June 20 we went to Dallas, Texas to visit Brandon's family. We found out that Brandon's sister Lorri was going to be there visiting around the same time so we decided to go and visit a little bit earlier then we planned to see her and her family. Also, my cousin Katelyn was getting married so we figured it was a perfect time for a trip.

Below are two adorable nieces of mine, Hannah and Natalie. They are Lorri's girls. They were so much fun to be around.Below is the picture of the little tent Hannah and Hyrum made together. They were so cute. They were very determined to sleep in the little tent they made that night. However, those plans didn't stay put for very long when they realized how crowded they were.

One of the fun things of the trip was the Wii that Lorri and her family brought to share with everyone. The Wii is very fun to play. The games are very interactive. Even Hyrum got in on the action with dad's help. Also, Brandon got in some grueling tennis games with his dad playing the Wii.

The kids loved every minute of their visit. Some of their favorite time was playing outside with all their cousins. All my children LOVE to be outdoors.The kids also loved when their papa would take them out for a ride in the wagon. I think they went for a ride in the wagon with papa pulling the wagon almost every day during our visit. One of the days we braved the heat and went to a local park. The kids were in heaven. The equipment was perfect for the kids. The babies thought it was so cool that they could climb through the equipment by themselves.They loved going down the slides. Even Papa went down a slide
They also loved the swing. Brandon thought I was mean putting both in the same swing. However, they still fit together in the baby swing, plus putting them both in the same swing means that there is one less swing for me to push. Okay, so maybe they don't fit as well as last year.The babies loved chasing around the squirrels at the park. They couldn't figure them out. We went to feed the ducks at the park before we went home. I wasn't able to get any pictures of them feeding the ducks since the whole time I was trying to keep one child or the other from trying to get into the water.
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Also while we were there were able to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. Hyrum thought that it was so neat that it was his papa's birthday.
Hyrum especially loved hanging out with Papa. One night we had a pretty big thunderstorm and Hyrum was getting nervous about all the lighting and thunder. Papa and Hyrum had a nice little chat about thunderstorms.We loved spending time with everyone. We were also able to swim in Brandon's brother Brian's pool. The kids once again had a great time. For the most part of our trip it was very hot so we sticked close to home and visited.

It was sad saying our goodbyes, especially to daddy who would not continue with us on our vacation to Utah. Don't worry, we got some great pictures before we left.

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gardeniagirl said...

It sounds like you guys have had a busy summer! I love the one of the babies in the swing! If I had twins, I'd probably do the same thing.

Nic & Ashley Haws said...

Looks like you are having so much fun! Good for you guys! Your children are absolutely adorable!

mamasteph said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! You got some great pictures!

Mandy said...

Your babies are growing up. I love them in the swing last year and this year. They still fit! Looking at the pictures was fun. I know it is great to be able to see family. And I love that the kids can play with their cousins!

Heather said...

Glad you had so much fun in Texas. I love the cute pictures of your kids in the wagon!