Friday, August 22, 2008

Vacation in Utah

My parents decided to come to my cousin's wedding in Dallas. In Dallas we met up with them and watched my beautiful cousin Katelin get married. She was a beautiful bride. I forgot to take pictures at the wedding. However, we got some fun pictures swimming in their pool. Camille got to see how fun and wild it is to swim with three kids who are three and under.

After the wedding, I flew back home with my mom to Utah. Below is a video of Hyrum talking about his impending trip to Utah.

I must say, that was probably the worst flight ever. Not only was I overwhelmed with motion sickness, my kids were pass their bedtime and very exhausted. My mom and I were very happy when the plane landed.

It was a perfect time for me to come to Utah. During my vacation we went to a birthday party, my cousin came home from his mission, a baby blessing, a fourth of July celebration, visited with some old friends and many other fun and exciting things.

Although it was tough being away from Brandon, I really enjoyed spending time with my family. My family helped out so much with the kids. Many mornings I was able to sleep in since my family took care of my kids. I had many people wiling to give them baths, dress them, change diapers, take them outside to play or watch a movie with them. I can't forget that everyone was willing to be Hyrum's nap buddy when it was nap time. It was so nice to have a break. Below is a picture that someone took with my camera of the twins after they got them up in the morning.I also enjoyed playing board games with everyone. I grew up playing board games with my family and as a result I have very fond memories of games.

I also saw a few movies on our vacation such as Wall-E and Mama Mia. I went and saw Mama Mia with my mom and sister. It was really nice to have some girl time. We also had some great girl time in Texas when we got our nails done and had a pedicure for the wedding.

One of the fun things that we did in Utah was play in the pool and sprinklers outside my parents house. The kids loved it! They were in heaven once again.

I love this picture of Emmy just lounging in the pool
Handsome Hyrum in Lighting McQueen swimsuit.Ben trying to stick his head under the water. He loves sticking his head in the water.
After he sticks his head under the water he pops it back up and laughs and laughs.

Loving the pool!They loved dumping water on each other.
Bathing beauty!Practicing his kicks
Sweet Ben
While we were visiting Utah we decided to visit some of our old stomping grounds. If you have been reading our blog for over two years you may remember our post about Hyrum's love of a local duck pond. When Hyrum was around the twins age (1 1/2) he would visit the duck pond at least once a week. Anyways, we decided to take the kids to go and revisit the duck pond. As you can tell by the pictures that the babies' weren't too sure about the ducks. They also preferred eating the bread instead of giving it to the ducks. Hyrum loved chasing all the ducks around and looking at the turtles that sun bathed on the log in the pond. We also visit the Bean Museum. The kids loved all the animals there. They thought it was pretty cool. Hyrum couldn't get enough and was running from one animal to the next filled with excitement. Afterwards we went to the BYU creamery for a tasty lunch and dessert. The babies' loved the ice cream and thought they needed to taste every single person's treat multiple times.

We loved being able to see Lorri and her family again. We went to the Kangaroo Zoo and had so much fun. Emily was wild. You could tell she was having the time of her life. Hyrum also had a fantastic time running around with some of his favorite people. Ben on the other had didn't enjoy himself too much and was sad for most of the time. He either wanted to jump at the ends of the slides (where he couldn't be) or he wanted me to hold him (come to find out, he had a sinus infection). Thank goodness Aunt Millie was there to help me follow everyone around. Below is a picture of Hyrum with one of his favorite cousins Carson. Some other fun things we did were we went to feed some horses carrots in my parents' neighborhood. As you might have imagined, that outing was a great hit. Also, they love going and visit their honorary grandma Lisa and her dogs "Oakie" and "Dounder."

Below is a picture of Hyrum in his Papa's shirt. In Utah, Hyrum wore one of my dad's shirt to bed numerous times. My dad generously gave Hyrum the shirt to take home to remind him of his Papa. Hyrum has loved this shirt! I think it makes him feel loved and that his Papa isn't too far away.
Showing his muscles!
Also below is a picture of Hyrum being a construction worker. All the kids wore around some construction worker hats and thought it was so silly. Of course, Ben and Emmy took their hats off too fast for me to get a picture.

We had so much fun on our trip to Utah and couldn't have asked for better time. The kids and I loved every minute.


Jill said...

What a fun vacation! You are so brave to do so much without Brandon--I should take lessons from you.

mamasteph said...

Visiting with family is always a good time! Great pictures!

steph and brent said...

Thanks! Your little ones are so adorable!!

lcdiaz said...

It was so fun to have you here and see you guys!! Thanks for coming to all the events we had. Come back again......hey how do you like your new place??