Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vacation and our Heart Breaker

Our family has been on vacation the past little bit. On the 21st of June we went to Dallas, Texas for a week to visit with Brandon's family. Also, my beautiful cousin Kaetlin was getting married during that week so we thought it would be a perfect time for a visit.

On the 29th of June I flew with my mom and my kids to Utah for a visit. We will be in Utah for most of July. Brandon, however had to return to Memphis for work.
Although most of my blog entries won't be until after I return home from Utah, I wanted to take time to post about Miss Emmy.

We were at my sister's indoor soccer game on Tuesday. There were many running around having a blast. Of course, my kids were in the mix (while I was staying close by). I noticed that a particular blond haired 3 year old boy was staying pretty close to Emmy and trying to hold her hand and help her walk everywhere and talking to her.

After a few minutes the little boy came up to me and said, " I just love her." This little boy continued to follow her around everywhere. Emmy would follow along and bat her eyes and try not to smile. You could tell she was enjoying the attention. The little boy came up to me a little later and said ," she is talking to me." It was so cute!

What can I say? Emmy, in my opinion, is an adorable little girl who at the age of 20 months already knows how to flirt.


Kathryn said...

A little flirt! How cute is that!

mamasteph said...

She is so sweet! You guys are gonna be in trouble when she's older! :)