Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mr. Boo

Our little Ben is growing up so fast. He is so full of curiosity and mischief. Ben is very aware of his surroundings. He loves to watch things move and function. For a couple of months now he jabbers to me all the many things he sees outside. For awhile, I thought he kept saying tree over and over. I soon came to realize that he was saying see, see! He loves to show me the many things he sees outside. He loves to walk around holding one of my fingers and explore his surroundings.

Ben loves animals especially dogs and horses. He makes the cutest little noises when you ask him what a dog or horse says.

Ben also loves cars and trains. He loves to copy and play cars with Hyrum. For the most part, Hyrum lets him play right beside him. Ben also makes cute noises when he plays with the cars and trains.

Ben loves balls, and has a great arm on him.

Ben is a fish when it comes to water and can't ever get enough of it. He loves to dip his face in the water and blow bubbles. After he blows bubbles, he lifts his head up and just laughs and laughs.

He still is a huge climber. The stairs are not a challenge any more. He has no fear!

Before we left on our trip, I made some banana bread. As I walked by, I noticed a little bite in the bread. At first I thought it was Hyrum sneaking a bite, but I soon came to realize that it was Ben climbing on a stool then standing on his tip toes to sneak a bite.
We love our Ben! He has such a sweet, special, fun spirit! We are so lucky to have him in our family!

Picture Taken April 2008


gardeniagirl said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! That picture of Hyrum takes me back . . .where's that little chubby baby?

Brian & Emily said...

no WAY! How is that boy so big?! I don't remember giving him permission to grow up...I guess that goes for all 3 of our favorite kiddos. Can we be neighbors again? We miss you all. Too much.

Scott, Aimee, & Emily said...

Oh Ben sounds like he would get along great with Emily!!!!

Bonnie said...

So cute! It is so crazy how fast they grow!

Jackie said...

What cuties all your monkeys are. I love your blog Nat!

Jill said...

Super cute--he's getting so big! And he and Kate aren't ever allowed to be in a room together because they would completely destroy/eat anything on the counter!

Ashlee said...

He sounds ALL boy to me!!! I love that picture of him too. Life sounds great-glad to hear it!

lcdiaz said...

he is such a cute little guy! it was so fun to see you and the kids. they are getting so big.