Friday, April 25, 2008

Go Shockers!

Hyrum had his first soccer game on April 12th. He was so excited to have grandma, papa and Sean there for his first big game. He was also thrilled to be able to wear his new soccer jersey with the number 13; in honor of his aunt Camille. Hyrum loves playing soccer. Also, don't forget his cool blue soccer shoes. He is pretty pumped to wear his blue shoes.

stretching before the big game

He loves running and kicking the ball. He also really enjoys playing with his friends. It was so cute, during the game he would come off the field to get a high-five from everyone and then he would go out and play again. Two minutes later, he would be back for his high-five. You could tell he was so pleased to be on the field playing with all the kids.It was so cold during the game. Most of the kids on Hyrum's team decided that they would rather huddle in their blankets then play. Hyrum decided that he would rather play the game, so he got to play almost the whole game. He was in heaven! Hyrum ended up wearing his jacket during the game due to the cold.
On the down side, we have only had a couple games and practices so far due to all the rain. Hyrum has been very disappointed that he hasn't been able to play soccer with his team.
We also brought our video camera to the game, but we were almost out of tape. Don't worry, we will be sure to post some video clips of him playing soccer.


meg said...

i love that hyrum smiles so much. he seems like such a happy kid! that is awesome that he loves to play soccer so much. what fun!

gardeniagirl said...

wow -- how cute that Hyrum plays soccer! I can't believe that Dottie will be that grown up in only a year! He's so cute!

Zachary and Nikky: said...

Hey! It's Nikky Oswald. Hyrum looks so cute in his blue shoes! :) I'm glad he's having fun playing soccer. Zach and I keep talking about how we need to get together with you guys again sometime...hopefully this summer when the boys won't be so busy!

Mandy said...

I LOVE that last pic of Hyrum holding the ball!
He sounds full of personality, with the high 5s and all! CUTE!
Jenna is thinking that she wants to play soccer and not dance. They are to start in May...we'll see.

Ashlee said...

I can't tell you how many memories this post brought to my mind. i played soccer since kindergarten and seeing Hyrum makes me so excited for him. It looks like he is loving life keep up the good work and make sure to eat those orange slices and drink a Caprisun for me! :)