Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Excitment for Everyone!-At least for Hyrum

Before everyone came to visit, Hyrum and I talked about all the many things he wanted to with them.

One of the things he mentioned was riding on the carousel with everyone. I think in the week and half that everyone was here we went three times. Hyrum loved it! His favorite animal to ride on the carousel is the dragon.
Ben and Emmy have been terrified of the carousel. They act as if they want to ride the horses and other animals, but as soon as the carousel starts, they freak out. The last time we rode the carousel we decided to put Emmy and Ben on an animals that didn't go up and down. They loved it! Emmy would wave and blow kisses at every one as she rode her carousel. So cute!
Before we left the carousel, Hyrum had to stop every time at the arcade to pretend he was driving a very fast race car!Another activity on Hyrum's list to do was he wanted to play his games with everyone. This included; Hi, Ho, Cherrio, his Lighting McQueen matching game and his Go Fish game. Everyone got a kick out of Hyrum's very talented matching skills. Also, everyone loved how Hyrum told them were to find the matches. He is very good at matching games.

Hyrum also had going to the park, having chicken nuggets and pizza on his list. Also, don't forget watching Cars and eating popcorn...He had a very long list.
One of the activities that he wanted to do with everyone was go to the zoo. He told me today at dinner that taking everyone to the zoo was his favorite(out of the blue, during dinner. I was surprised he brought it up) and his favorite animal is a hippo. Hyrum loved showing Papa and Grandma all the many animals.
Emmy went nuts with the animals and just jiber jabbered about everything she saw. She loved Papa carrying her almost everywhere in the zoo.
Ben loved walking around by himself and looking at everything. He was fascinated by the cow that was really close to the fence in the farm area of the zoo.We had many fun activities that we did with our guest. We'll have to think of some other activities to do the next time they visit.

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Bonnie said...

Cute pictures! It looks like you guys all had a fun visit (especially Hyrum)! I remember loving carousels when I was little, but I went on one with Brooke and I got so sick. Being a kid is so much fun!

Marci said...

I loved looking at all your fun pictures. It's so nice to have famaily visit. I'm glad you guys had such a good time!