Thursday, April 03, 2008

Excitement in the grass

One of my favorite things about the place where we live is having a backyard. Granted, the yard isn't the best, but still it is a fenced yard for my kids to play in. I love being able to send them outside and watch them out the window while I clean-up and make dinner. Don't worry, I am very careful and make sure I can see them. Plus I have the door and windows open so I can hear them.

Yesterday, I sent the kids out to play so I can clean-up the house a little bit and make dinner without anyone trying to "help." The kids did not put up a fuss at all. They love being outside; especially with each other. After the kids were outside for a little bit, I heard tons of giggling. I went outside to see what was happening and found out that they were having a grass fight. Of course, Hyrum was doing most of the throwing, but they were all just giggling and giggling. The babies are so enchanted by Hyrum and love watching him do things. Ben and Emily think that Hyrum hung the moon. They were so cute together, I couldn't help but take pictures. Once again, sorry for the blurry pictures. It seems that I can't get very good pictures of them lately, they all end up blurry.

Emily staying in charge of the car

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April said...

OMG when I saw Ben's picture, I was like "Who is that?", Then I realized it was one of the twins. They are so grown up. I love Emily's ponytail. I do that to Mazie's hair too because there isn't much else I can do and it's sooooo cute!