Thursday, December 06, 2007

This post is dedicated to the Princess!

As many of you may remember my previous post about finding Emmy almost completely out of her pajamas. Well, today, I found her all the way out of her pajamas and standing up in the crib, in her birthday suit, waving hi to me when I came in the room. Yes, that means her diaper was off. Needless to say that today, due to the nature of the diaper, a complete bedding wash was in order. No wonder only Ben was crying this morning, the princess was obviously busy and didn't want to be disturb. A new order has been in place, that not only does she need to have clothes over her diaper at all times, she needs a onesies on as well. I think an extra layer will prove to be crucial to avoid future messes.

However, despite this incident the little princess is stealing our hearts everyday. She loves ice cream. If she sees you eating some, expect to share with her. She loves to play with the phone and pretend to talk on it. If you say hello, she will put whatever she has in her hand up to her ear. She loves to clap and will do so on command. She loves her daddy and is so excited when he comes in the door. Emmy loves to read books. She loves to push her push toy around the house and can take a few steps with it. She might be able to take more, but she has her brothers there who think they need to play too. She loves to be held, but only for a little while.

Like I said before, she is our princess!


Camille said...

Tag you're it! Check out my blog to see what I mean...

Rebecca said...

Oh how funny! Not the clean up part, but you know what I mean. That happened to us once with Heather. LOL