Sunday, September 16, 2007


Read all about it, Hyrum is potty trained and we want to shout it!! Horray! Words can not express how excited we are for Hyrum to be potty trained. He actually has been potty trained for a few weeks now and he has done fantastic! We are so proud of him!

He likes to make sure that when he looks at something, read stories, etc. that there is a daddy, mommy and a baby. In fact, when he goes to the potty he names them a daddy, a mommy and a baby based on the size.

More about Handsome Hyrum:

He loves to do puzzles

He loves to read books; especially about Fish, Sharks, and Cars,

He loves to play with his cars

He loves to count. He can identify two letters A and H. We are working on the rest. However, he does know how to cheer for the Cougars. He says "B. Y. U. Cougars! Roar!" He also knows how to spell his name "H-y-r-u-m."

He loves to run and dance

He loves to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Popcorn Popping, and I am a Child of God

He loves to tell us "Not today" if he doesn't want to do something

He loves checking the mail box to see if he got something in the mail

He loves to wrestle with dad
He loves to play with kidsHe loves to play with Ben and Emmy
He loves marhmellows and candy corn

He loves to say prayers; especially by himself. If I try to help him I usually get a, "shh! My turn!" Also during his prayers he likes to make sure everything and everyone is said and if we leave something out we have to say another prayer.
He is such a sweetheart who loves to have his picture taken and we love him!


Laura said...

Wow!! Way to go, Hyrum! That's pretty impressive! Can you come teach my 2yo to use the potty? Thanks!

Lindsey Loo said...

They grow up SO fast!! Potty trained children are the best!

Jill said...

And after you're done with Laura, stop by my house and teach my almost 3 year old.

Jack and Bernice said...

I looove that pic of Brandon and Hyrum. It is soooo cute!