Sunday, September 09, 2007

Guess Who...Part two

Guess who...

I got my first tooth August 19th

I love to kick and kick. My dad calls me Happy Feet

I like to watch the crazy rain/thunder storms we get here in Tennessee

I love to be held....especially by my mom

I love to bounce/dance up and down when I hear music

I love to eat my food. Especially fruits and my gerber puffs.

I love to read books

I am starting to army crawl across the floor

I can sit by myself

I love to play with mom's hair

I got my second tooth September 4th

I love to spin in circles on the floor

I am my mommy's sweetheart...It's Ben!

Ben would be happy all day as long as his mommy is holding him. He loves to sit and play with my hair. He is such a sweetheart and we are so happy he is in our family!


Jill said...

That last picture of Ben is absolutely adorable! Can you believe they're almost 1?

Brian & Emily said...

Holy COW he has so much hair!!! I keep thinking its impossible for these kids to get any cuter and then they do -- how DO they do it??!!! We miss and love you guys!

Smelsha said...

Natalie - I love these 'guess who' posts! It makes me wish I had twins so I could copy you. Anyway, I've been checking out your blog for a month or two now (found a link to it through Heather's) and after your Aug. 12 post I was wondering where you guys were moving to and why. Now that I've check out your blog again I know the answer. Congratulations to Brandon on getting into optometry school! And congratulations to the both of you on such a cute family! We'll have to meet in the middle of Iowa and Tennesse someday. :)