Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our Trip to the Zoo

Oh what a day...We decided to go to the zoo on the day that was the coolest. The weather man said SLC would have a high of 83, which was true, but he failed to tell us that the largest storm in Utah in decades was going to cross right over the top of Hogle zoo.

A power line in the far end of the zoo fell down so there was no power for a square mile. We got there and waited out the storm with my sister Lorri and her family. It did eventually let up and we went inside. Hyrum had a blast. He got to see all of the apes and monkeys, the camels, the free roaming birds (which Natalie didn't appreciate), the elephants and the rhinos. He had two favorite parts of the zoo. One was the primates. He loved to watch the baby orangutan flip and twirl on her ropes. He also loved a family of chicks that hid by thier mother. Hyrum loved them so much that he tried to take a few home with him. We later found out that half of the park was closed due to the downed power line so the park refunded our money. We were actually glad since Hyrum wouldn't have made it any longer.


Travis, Erin and Beverly. said...

Natalie: You look fabulous! Your little boy is so big now, it's so amazing to watch them grow. We haven't made it to the zoo yet with the Bev, but we will soon. Awesome bed, too, for Hyrum. I hope Bev likes it when we move her into a "big" bed. Keep up the good work, Tibbitts-es!!

Jen said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. We think we'll wait until Will is a little older and will actually enjoy the animals before we go.