Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One Down, One To Go

The girl's crib is up and ready. Natalie's mother found the bedding and it looks great. We have the boy's bedding but the crib that someone kindly gave to us is broken. We will have to find one somewhere else.

By the way, the babies are doing great. Our last doctor’s appointment turned out really well and the babies seem to have all their parts. Natalie has been worried because she usually only feels one baby at a time and can’t tell if she feels them both. But, last night the babies were going nuts. She said they were kicking in all directions and I think it really made her feel good. We have another doctor’s appointment on the 18th so we will let you know then any new info. Posted by Picasa

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Emma said...

Check on Craigslist. They always have cribs for about $35.

Here is a link to the Salt Lake Craigslist:

Here is a link to the Provo Craislist: