Sunday, November 15, 2009

You've Had a Birthday

Hryum recently celebrated his fifth birthday! I can't believe he is five. He had been eagerly anticipating his birthday.

To start the day off, he request Mickey Mouse pancakes (the same thing he wanted last year). Brandon had already left for school, so the task fell to me. He enjoyed them. After he finished the Mickey Mouse pancake I wrote the number five on another pancake for him to eat.After breakfast it was time for Hyrum to go to school. He couldn't wait to share his cool cupcakes he picked out for his birthday. He picked Nemo, Football and Curious George cupcakes to share with his friends.

Originally, I had plan to take the kids to McDonalds on Hyrum's birthday for lunch. However, Ben and Emmy were sick so we decided to pick-up the food through the drive-thru and have a picnic at home. For the most part, Hyrum still takes naps. However, on his birthday he got to stay up instead of going to bed. After Ben and Emmy went to bed I took Hyrum outside to do a little photo shoot. I think I got a couple of cute shots that capture Hyrum's fun personality.After we were finished taking pictures, I told Hyrum to pick whatever games he wanted to play with mom. One of the games he picked was the Lighting McQueen Memory Game. If I remember correctly, we read some books too.When Brandon came home from school that day we planed on going to Chuck E. Cheese for Hyrum's birthday. However, since Ben and Emmy were sick, Brandon took Hyrum to the store to pick a frozen pizza out.

When the boys got home and while the pizza was cooking Hyrum opened his presents. Hyrum received a cute card from Grandma-Great with some money to go along with the fun present she sent with my parents for him back in October.Hyrum received a fun card from Grandma and Grandpa T. with a gift card to Target.Aunt Lorri and family gave each child a card for their birthday with a gift card to Target.Hyrum received a cool superman shirt from Grandma and Papa Van. They also gave him books and a backpack which he received when they were visiting us in October.

Earlier in the day I took Ben and Emmy to the dollar store to pick out a present they wanted to give Hyrum. It was so cute to watch them pick out what they think their beloved Hyrum would like. Ben and Emmy love Hyrum so much and they were so excited that it was his birthday. Ben picked out some race cars to give to Hyrum.Emmy picked out some army guys to give to Hyrum.Emmy gave Hyrum many hugs during the day telling him Happy Birthday. It was so cute. Brandon and I gave Hyrum a cool sea puzzle and the Bumblebee Transformer. For whatever reason he loves Transformers. He always points the Transformers out when we pass by them in the store. He was so excited when Brandon figured out how the Transformer worked. He has loved the Transformer.We had pizza and rented the movie UP to watch as a family. We stopped the movie after a little while to sing Happy Birthday to Hyrum and have him blow out his candles. Happy Birthday handsome Hyrum! I hope you had a great birthday!


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Hyrum! It sounds like a great day! I can't believe how big he is, I love the pictures you took they look great!

Mandy said...

He is growing up. What a cute, sweet, smart boy! Looks like a lot of fun. What a sweet family you have and are! I never noticed his freckles btw. I love freckles!

mamasteph said...

Happy 5th Bday Hyrum! Love his cute little freckles! Your really did capture his personality in your photos!

steph and brent said...

Wow! He's 5! You gave him such a fun birthday, even with his siblings sick. He looks sooo happy with his adorable cheesy smile!

The Tennessee Nobles said...

Happy Birthday Hyrum!! Congrats to you and Brandon for getting Bumblebee transformed. Corban LOVES transformers and we have yet to master Bumblebee 100%. We can get it to like 90%.

Brian, Emily, & Charlie said...

stop it Stop It STOP IT! How in the world is he FIVE?! I'm missing his childhood -- AGHHHH! Will you tell him we say happy birthday and that we love him SO much?! Oh we miss that boy!