Sunday, November 08, 2009

Happy Halloween-2009

The Thursday before Halloween Hyrum had a preschool Halloween party. I am sort of the room mother this year for his class. As a result, I was worried about having everything ready for the party and left my camera at home. I didn't get any pictures of Hyrum doing the fun activities the other moms planned (the moms were very creative). Hyrum had a fabulous time at the party. I think he was pleased I came to his school. Right when we were leaving the party I remembered that my phone takes some decent pictures. The picture below is of Hyrum and his beloved Ms. Tami.On Halloween night, we were invited to a fun Halloween party at Ms. Tami's house. Shortly after we got to her house I realized that I was missing the memory card to the camera. At first we were taking pictures with our cell phones, but soon realized that the quality of the pictures were not as high as I would have liked. Being the good husband that he is, Brandon drove the 20 minutes home and the 20 minutes back to get the memory card.

The Halloween party started off with some fun games for the kids to play. I know that my kids enjoyed playing games; they had a great time.After the games, the kids did a costume parade around the cove. It was so cute to see the kids marching in their costumes.
Top LtoR Emma, Hyrum, Kelsie, Hailey, Lexi, Tucker, Chloe, Boo, Maggie
Bottom LtoR Eli, Emmy, Noah, Wes, Ben Savannah and ?

Since the people who provide a hayride for kids weren't ready to start giving rides we went back to Ms. Tami's. We had a wonderful dinner of soup and bread sticks. It was so yummy!Brandon dressed up as the friendly neighborhood milkman and I was pregnant. Brandon went Halloween morning to Goodwill to find the pants, hat, and the milk bottles. I had to add my throw-up bucket to my costume because it made my costume more realistic.

Below is a picture of our friends Emily and Brandon.I was so bummed I didn't get pictures of the other couples. There were some great Halloween costumes. Our friends Nick and Whitney dressed up as a leprechaun and a pot of gold.

After dinner the kids went on a hayride. There is this nice family who every year give hayrides around the neighborhood to the kids. The kids loved it! I told Hyrum to hang on to Ben. As a result, he put his arm around Ben and held onto him during the ride. Emmy got to ride with daddy. Someone else volunteered to hold her, but she thought the costume of that person was too scary.When the fun hayride was finished we went trick-or-treating. The kids loved trick-or-treating. Our big group of friends split into two groups after a little while. The older kids who went trick-or-treating quickly and the younger kids who enjoyed the slower pace. I went trick-or-treating with Hyrum and Brandon stayed with Ben and Emmy. Hyrum loved trick-or-treating with his friends.When people would open the door Hyrum would say trick-or-treat and thank you in one breath. He seemed content to hold my hand for awhile and walk from house to house.Hyrum especially had a fun time trick-or-treating with his friend Hailey. For some of the time we were trick-or-treating they would hold hands and walk together. It was too cute.Ben and Emmy loved going trick-or-treating. They were nervous at the houses with "scary" decorations. One house was too spooky for Ben, he wouldn't even go to the door. Emmy wasn't a big fan of the houses with dogs right next to the door when she went to get her nummies. Ben and Emmy did both enjoy the "nice" houses as the called them.Emmy cracks me up, yes her costume came with heels and she wore those suckers all night long. She knows beauty is pain!

After trick-or-treating, we went back to Ms. Tami's. The kids watched a movie and enjoyed some candy while the adults played the card game Spoons!

We had such a great time that night. The kids have been so much fun this Halloween season. The loved and insisted we listened to the Halloween music when we were in the car every day (I was mean and didn't let them listen to it on Sundays). The kids enjoyed reading all the Halloween books, looking at Halloween decorations on peoples' houses, the pumpkin patch, carving the pumpkin and other Halloween activities. They loved wearing their costumes and looked so cute in them. The kids were bummed when I told them that Halloween was all over. The magic of the holidays comes back in full force when you have little children.


The Bailey's said...

I love those kids...they are so cute! I have pictures for you!

steph and brent said...

Man, you guys had waaaaaay too much fun on Halloween! Love the kids' costumes. And I think it's great that Emmy is already getting experience with heels! Your kids are so lucky - they have such a cool mom.

Jill said...

Love your guys' costumes!

It looks like your kids had a great Halloween. It was too cold here to do much door to door stuff, so I'm jealous that you guys got to!

mamasteph said...

So cute! looks like they had a blast with all of their celebrating!

Ashlee said...

Loved all the costumes and for a second I thought that you were pregnant(before I read the Post:)
My boys are going to through Halloween withdrawls-Today Ben asked me what I was going to be for Halloween- I had to inform him that it wasn't for another year!
Glad that you had fun!