Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sprinkler Park

Last Tuesday some ladies in my ward and I went to the "Sprinkler Park." It is a park about a half-hour away with many different sprinklers to play in.
Hyrum was in heaven! He loved playing with all of his friends from the ward.

Ben also absolutely loved playing in the sprinklers.

Emmy on the other hand, was content for the most part to watch from the distance. At least she looked cute in her swimsuit.Our trip to the park was cut short, due to the fact that I left our cooler with our lunch in it on the counter at home. Also it was nap time. I wasn't able to take too many pictures since I was trying to keep a close eye on the kids; especially Ben since he was constantly heading towards the HUGE mud puddle close by.

We had so much fun at the park we decided we would go back on Friday when Brandon was off of work.

At the park, their are drains that squirt up water. Sometimes they are large amounts of water and sometimes there is just a little amount of water that squirts out. The boys loved any water that would come out. Emmy preferred when there was just a little amount of water coming out.

It was interesting and enjoyable to to watch the kids as the played with the sprinklers. They would explore various strategies of how to put their cup (or mouth and hands) in the right spot to catch the water.

Emmy explored the sprinklers more the second visit. Maybe having her daddy there made the difference.
My boys are fishes! They loved every minute and couldn't get enough. Hyrum would run everywhere. Not wanting to miss out on anything.

Ben loved everything! He would run through all the sprinklers with a huge grin. He had no fear! You could almost always find him in a large group of big kids waiting for the sprinklers to turn back on or standing beneath the large snake with a HUGE gush of water coming out.We had such a great time as a family. The kids love playing with their dad.


John & Laura said...

I want to go play at that park with you!! So fun. I love stuff like that. Oh, and so do kids... :)

Tiffany said...

How fun! I wish we had something like that here in Maryland. Kaiden would love it. Your kids are so cute and getting so big!

mamasteph said...

The sprinkler park is so much fun! The girls love it no matter how often we go! You've got some great pictures!

Jackie said...

That looks like so much fun! I'd be all over it too. It much feel so good to cool off in that heat. Love the blog Natalie!

Ace the Goat said...

how fun!! I wish we had one of those around here!