Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jumping on the bandwagon

After reading all the many posts about how annoying comment moderation is everyone (myself included), I have decided to remove it. I guess if the spam starts to happen then I will put it back.
Below are pictures from our recent trip to the zoo when my mom was visiting. I meant to post these earlier, but forgot. We were pretty close to this hippo.


lcdiaz said...

I'll say pretty close. Sheesh, thats pretty cool but you probably had to take a step back(or 2). Cool.

John & Laura said...

Hooray for no word verification! Ü Hope you don't start getting spam.

Yeah, you were pretty close to that hippo. You could have kissed him! The hippo at San Diego Zoo is behind glass and under water most of the time, so we never got a good look at him. Very cool!

meg said...

cool hippo. and i love the photos in your title space--great pictures of adorable kids.