Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ever since we have been in Tennessee it has been so HOT! The last week or so we have been hitting triple digits and not just plain old 100 degrees. Yesterday it got up to 106 and not to mention the lovely humidity here that makes a huge difference in how it feels when your outside. It doesn't help that our place doesn't get below 85 during the day on the bottom level and the upper level has to be a few degrees higher. The babies wake-up from their naps and they are sweating like crazy!

Anyways, so yesterday in the evening when it was still around 95 degrees outside Brandon decided to water the lawn. Hyrum of course wanted to be with dad and when I went out to check on them Hyrum was drenched from head to toe from running in the sprinklers. He was loving it! We decided to bring the babies out to enjoy the somewhat cooler weather. They enjoyed being outside and watching him run around.

After awhile of running in the sprinkler, Hyrum asked if we could fill up the swimming pool that we have. We obliged him and filled it up. By this time, his diaper was so full due to the water so we thought why not take it off and let him just be free. He was loving it! Our lawn has a slope so the little pool had a deep end and a shallow end. So we decided that since the babies were sweating that they wouldn't mind a quick dip in the pool. So we took off their diaper (it has been so hot that we have only been putting them in onesies and a diaper) and let them have a cool dip.

The babies had so much fun playing in the water. Their little legs were just a kicking; especially Ben. They enjoyed it quite a bit until Hyrum's splashes got a little too much for them.

It was such a fun evening and we really enjoyed ourselves; even though Brandon and I were dripping with sweat the whole time. The kids loved a cool refresh and we loved spending time with them.


laura said...

Water is one of the most versatile, wonderful things ever. Love it and love it!! Such cute kids!!

Jill said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable. Isn't humidity the worst thing that could have ever happened to this wonderful country? Sorry you'll have to live in it for the next few years!

Camille said...

Your water retreat looks like a blast! Geez those kids are always gettin cuter. Thanks for keeping those pictures appropriate ha ha!

Brian & Emily said...

A few items of business...
1. LOVE the pictures SO MUCH! You guys have so much fun! Those babies (all 3) are adorable! We love them!
2. Excellent job on the censors -- I laughed so hard! You guys are great:)
3. Brandon, please tell me those weren't socks AND flip flops at the same time. Please. (he he he!)
4. We.Miss.You.

Brandon and Natalie said...

OK, Now I must defend myself. Of all people from Utah, I am the utmost opponent to socks and sandals. I think people look ridiculous. Now as a defense, I think I was caught in a moment of laziness. I am ashamed.


Amy said...

Those are the cutest pictures!!!

Joshua said...

Brandon, Lucy and I were laughing at your wonderful sense of fashion. We really enjoyed seeing you in flip flops and socks out in the back yard while the kids play in the water. Way to go champion!