Friday, August 24, 2007

Downtown Memphis!

Yesterday, Brandon and I decided that after we have spent these past few weeks unpacking that it was time to have fun! We went to downtown Memphis and enjoyed spending time together.

Our first stop was the Peabody Hotel. At 11:00 everyday, they lay out a red carpet from an elevator leading to the beautiful fountain in the middle of the hotel. Music begins and out march five or so ducks out of the elevator following the red carpet to the fountain. They spend the day leisurely floating in the fountain until 5:00. At 5:00 the music once again begins and then the ducks march back to the elevator.

Hyrum was mesmerized by the ducks. Brandon held Hyrum up on his shoulders so he could get a good look. When we finally put Hyrum down you could tell he was really excited since he started to run in circles around the ducks.

After we left the Peabody, we decided that we would walk around and see what we could find. We found the Orpheum

A Beautiful Fountain
As well as many other interesting sites. Also while we were wwalking around, Hyrum noticed that trollies which he lovingly referred to as trains came around about every ten minutes or so. Checking the prices we realized that since it was the lunch hour it only cost 50 cents per person to ride the trolly. So Brandon lovingly volunteer to walk behind with the babies while Hyrum and I got to ride the purple trolley. He loved it! He thought it was so cool!

The babies loved looking at everything and were very content just to be pushed in their stroller. We then went to Denny's for a quick lunch. Then on our way home we stopped by Brandon's school.

It was such a fun day. We really enjoyed spending time together eventhough it was really, really hot!


laura said...

What a fun family "date"! I would love to go exploring towns across the US. Very fun adventure!

Amy said...

How exciting! Glad you're having fun!