Monday, May 22, 2006

Our Terrific Boy

Brandon Here....We thought everyone would like to hear a little about Hyrum. We know for sure that we have a boy. He loves dogs, cars and balls. Everywhere we go he calls out "car" or "ball" not matter how many there are. He also loves his mom and wants her to be happy. Every time Natalie worships at the porcelain throne, he scratches moms back and tries to tickle her feet. (We think he got this from me scratching her back when she is in the bathroom) He loves to tickle everyone's feet, even complete strangers which can be an awkward situation if you can imagine.
Some of our really close friends decided they wanted to borrow Hyrum today and took him to the duck pond. They said he had a blast, even when he tried to crawl into the pond to grab the ducks. His favorite thing is to bean them in the head with bread. He just laughs when the duck quacks out of sheer defense for their lives.
We are waiting for his new pictures to come in and we will post them here. We are hoping this blog will be a nice place to post things and keep everyone updated on our lives.


Travis, Erin and Beverly. said...

Natalie, are you having another baby? I hadn't heard. ~Erin.

Emma Barrus said...

Cool....I love this idea! Keep the stories I LOVE this boy! :)