Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hercamur and Mergatroid

We realized that no one has seen the sonogram we got from our visit to the doctors. The babies heart beats are good, and it seems that one of them is laying on top of the other. Maybe they are wrestling for who gets to go first. We know that they are faternal since there are two seperate sacs. If they were identical, they would be in one sac. We find out in about 1 1/2 months their sex. We will keep you posted. By the way, due to popular demand, these have become the names of the babies until two suitable ones can be picked when they are born. Also, we thought about taking a poll on what everyone thinks the sex of the babies will be. We will post the results and, who knows, maybe a prize will be in store. Just email me. Here is the picture. They took the first one and everything seemed fine then the doctor had a feeling to zoom in and the second picture is what they saw, SCARY!!!!!!

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