Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Handsome Hyrum!

Hyrum is growing up so fast! Some of the new funny things he says are, "I forgot something" and "just one second." When he says "I forgot something" usually he'll pretend to find something or look for something he "accidently" forgot. When he says "just one second" he holds up a finger and runs to go do what he needs to. It is so funny. I guess he probably learned that from me and Brandon since that is what we are always saying to him. He loves his cars and loves being outside. He calls a dump truck a "dump-a-truck." It is so cute. His favorite place to go is grandma and grandpa's. He is such a happy crazy boy who loves to run everywhere. He even chose the clothes he wanted to wear today.

Just the other day I was sitting at the computer holding Emily and Hyrum came up to us. He then put his hands on Emily's head, mummbled something and then at the end he said "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." He then went on to do the same thing to me as well as himself. It was so cute!

He is such a handsome boy and Brandon and I love having him in our family.

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Heesoon Goodin said...

Hello, Natalie!
I am so glad that Sarah put your website address. I am so excited to see your family's pictures, especially Hyrum's picture as you might have guessed. He was my favorite in our ward. He still is! I miss him. I am said that I missed Hyrum saying "I forgot something" and "Just one second." I can imagine how cute he would be. I went to the ward activity last week, but I didn't see your family. I hope you guys are doing well. I hope your family will like your new place in Tennessee. And tell your husband good luck on optometry school. I hope I can see you guys before you guys are moving, but I don't think we will be. So Drive saftely. Your family has been a huge example to me. Thank you so much. Take care.