Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our Artist

Hyrum loves to color and as you can tell, on anything! I needed something to take a message from a phone call and the thing I grabbed the quickest was a permanent marker. While I was taking the message, Hyrum and Ben started to cry after their naps. I went to Hyrum first to see if I could get him to go back to sleep then I went to Ben. All was well for a good hour until I went back to check on Hyrum. He was very proud of his art work. I found him with a big huge smile on his face standing by his markings on the bathroom vanity. I later found them on his cute truck and car sheets in his bedroom and the wall. Gotta love this 2 year old!

1 comment:

Emily and Brian said...

WE LOVE YOUR SON!!! he's our favorite:) You guy's are great:)