Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Hyrum

The 10th of November was Hyrum's birthday, and what a day. Mom was sick with a 104 fever, the babies were getting close to coming home, and poor little Hyrum had both croup and strep. Dad was healthy but had four to tend for.

But, despite all of this, he had a blast. This was the first time he could really dive into that wrapping paper, which he did. He got some cars, tractors, an magna-doodle, and some animals. Typical boy. But his favorite were the candles on his cake. I stood just behind him to help him blow them out, but just after the song and just before I could blow, he easily and with one fell swoop took care of them all. What a set of lungs. It was funny to hear him sing in similar words and phrases the Happy Birthday song. Then came a little whisper, "again" and we commenced to light and blow the candles out a few more times. Then, one of our favorite things to do with him is his "H-Y-R-U-M" cheer. Some one starts, "give me an H" and he says H, etc. He says most of the letters but seems to get distracted by the whole crowd cheering for him. So spoiled. We love you Hyrum and wish you another happy year.

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