Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More on Ben and Emily

We thought everyone would like a little more info on the kids. Ben and Emily are still in the NICU but have been progressing very well. We have been worried about Emily since she has been having difficulty eating, but over the last few days, she has really changed her mind, I guess. She no longer has any left over food in her stomach like previously and loves to eat. The doctors thought she might have reflux problems and ran a test yesterday (we will get the results back today). Ben is eating like a horse. Yesterday he fed for over 30 min. Natalie says she feels like a cow when he eats.

In light of the hospital, over 50 babies have entered the NICU over the past few weeks and the center is swamped. Because of this and the fact that our babies are some of the most stable, they have been moved twice, once to the intermediate nursury, and when that room was full, downstairs to the pediatric unit. We kind of feel pushed around but understand the need they have.

We want to thank everyone for the prayers you have offered for them and us. We truly have felt them answered in the condition of Ben and Emily. We love you and can't wait until you get to see and hold them.

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