Sunday, June 18, 2006

Doctor's Visit and our Anniversary

We just had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and everything is looking great. We had the chance to hear the two heart beats and we feel quite positive that we have a boy and a girl. The two heart beats were much different in speed which is usually a sign of different gender twins. But, who knows, we may be surprised. We have our sonogram scheduled for exactly one month from today. We are so excited.

Also, after our appointment, we celebrated our anniversay. It was a very uplifting time for us. We went up to Salt Lake and spent the entire time on Temple Square. The new movie in the legacy theater, Joseph Smith and the Restoration, is an amazing movie. We you get the chance, see it. We also saw the museum and all of the art galleries displayed. There is an exhibit of church members depicting in painting and sculpture all of the stories of the gospel. It was amazing to see the talent that members of the church have. We stayed in our favorite hotel, The Anniversary Inn.

Other than that, nothing else new here. I am almost done with the semester, just one more week. Natalie is feeling much better and has gained seven pounds. She is still far below what she should be but we are happy that she can eat. We wish everyone a very Happy Fathers Day

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